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And the Oscar goes to…Popcorn!

ocscar popcorn

And the Oscar winner for the “Snack of Choice” award in our house goes to – – popcorn!  It reigns supreme once again.  So, it would figure that on this night, Oscar’s night, that we pop up a batch (or two).  That being said, there will never be any microwave popcorn in this house.  This is, perhaps, because 1) we don’t own a microwave and 2) because real popped, organic (and local!) corn, popped in a big old pot just plain and simple, rocks!

On one of my first dates with Bruce, a movie night at his place, he headed to the kitchen to pop up some popcorn.  Out came the kernels, some oil (Ok, you got me, it was butter. But, I soon cured him of this!), salt, a big pot, and some foil (to cover the pot, because he was a bachelor and a lid to the pot would be overkill).  Sold! We’ve been together ever since.

Our favorite is simple – – Fresh popped popcorn, good olive oil, sea salt.  Yum!  A quick second these days – -Fresh popped popcorn, good olive oil, a pinch of sea salt, and Sriracha for a little fire.  I’ll get to making my own Sriracha one day soon, because, well, I’m addicted.  Click here for what looks like a yummy looking recipe from  Finally, salty and sweet is just like heaven! So, on nights when we can’t get Bruce’s Famous Caramel Pop (secret recipe that only he and Sasha know), I just sprinkle a little raw sugar with olive oil and sea salt – -satisfied!

Popcorn’s a healthy, nutritious, tasty snack in moderation (which is hard because I’d eat a super-size bowl on a good, craving day).  It’s a Wednesday night, after Power Yoga thing for me most definitely!  It’s easy (and cheaper) to pop on the stove, no nuking necessary.  As well, you can store any leftovers in a glass container.  I use the huge leftover honey jars from our local apiary. Choose to buy your corn as local and as organic as you can get it! It makes a difference!

So, on this night of awards, I’d like to recognize our fan favorite – -popcorn.  You’re a definitive winner in our house!

Here’s the recipe.  Really, there’s no messing it up.  I mean, you might burn a few kernels if you mess up, but who cares really?  I think cooking is a journey just like yoga.  Play with it and enjoy.  Keep it simple, start with great corn and add the best toppings (or not!).

2-3 tablespoons  Good extra-virgin olive oil

1/3 cup  local or organic kernels (I try to get mine from the local farmer’s market or my farm share with Corbin Hill Food Project this time of year.  And, confession, I don’t measure!)

1 Quart covered sauce pan (or big old pot)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Sea Salt

Heat the oil in pan on medium-high heat.  It’s important to make sure the oil is heated without burning.  Add kernels.  Cover pan.  Kernels will begin to pop.  I don’t shake the entire time (but Bruce does).  Give it once shake and allow remaining kernels to pop.  You might chose to tip lid half open to release a bit of steam.  Once all kernels are popped, remove from heat and season.  Enjoy!




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