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The “Am I Breathing?” Quiz

I’m guilty, that’s for sure.

We all hold our breath a million times a day. And, most of the time we get away with it and are still, wild as it sounds, able to do the things. Wild, right? But at what cost?

The bigger and fuller your breath, the bigger and fuller your life.” Once you’re able to connect with and manage your breath consciously, all of the perceived craziness in your life, the world outside your life, and in fact every single thing around you becomes brighter, and you’re able to see through the nonsense and do that thing called “flow”. This I know that I know. 

So let’s take a little quiz right now, shall we?

  1. Did you just take a huge exhale of a sigh at any point in the last few moments? I mean, the kind where you feel your whole body heave from release. Yep, you were holding your breath.
  2. Think back on your day so far. What details do you remember? Not the big stuff, the details. Can’t recall. Yep, you were holding your breath.
  3. And here’s my personal latest and greatest: texting, emailing, SnapChatting, etc. Yep. Yep. And yep.

If you decided that today you would use your breath (every ounce of it!) to move your body, mind, and spirit, you could manifest all that you desire, all that serves, and all you deserve so much faster.

Give it a try!

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