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Affirmations Only Work If You Do The Work

I am abundant. I am lovable. I am powerful. I am…

I believe in the power of affirmations and mantras. I’m that person who writes them down and repeats them out loud everyday, all day. I also write them from time to time on the bathroom mirror in red lipstick and post it notes. Note: The red lipstick often freaks out my fiancé in the middle of the night, so be advised. I set alarms that ring on the hour or at inappropriate times during my talks or workshops. Yes, I believe in the power of the affirmations. I also believe in the ultimate power of action or, as I like to call it, “The Do”.

With affirmations, we’re saying “Hello Universe, it’s me. I’m on board and in full tilt boogie belief that whatever I desire is available to me today.” But, it’s with “The Do” or the action that we really get the ball rolling. You see, what I’ve learned is that you can sit, meditate, pray, stick post-it notes and red lipstick on mirrors, believe really hard, and keep sitting…believing really hard. Or, you can offer some “I know you’ve got this Universe and I’m happy to give my best effort too” energy. I’ve found that when you can show up, with a vision, a plan, the willingness and the brawn to go all in with complete faith that you’re held and that it’s already okay, it comes. And, it not only comes, but you’ve also got your house in straight order ready to receive it and share it.

Yes, affirmations are the most! Write them, speak them, and roar them from the mountaintops. And, take action. The power of “The Do” or action is key. You’ve got to step out and take a walk on the hot coals to know that you can walk through little fear, it’s cousin doubt, and the rest. Note: I’ve never walked on hot coals.

Take a look at your affirmations. Are they aligned with your personal dreams and goals? If so, do those goals have actions assigned to them (please, oh please say yes)? If not, the next time you sit and revisit your Awesome Life plan and your affirmations based on that plan, go for “The Do”. What actions (even the smallest) are you going to take to keep walking towards your dreams and goals. Even write in a new affirmation “I am taking _________action today to achieve the life I deserve and that will serve others with love and light.”

Stay tuned for my upcoming book Breathe Big. Live Big. : “A Starter Guide For Your Awesome Life!” Summer 2017.

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