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The Abundance Gratitude Factor: Add Up What’s Good Now And Celebrate It!

You’re living the life of your dreams right now.

If abundance is a mindset, then you’ve got to train your mind to se it. So it’s time to exercise your gratitude muscles each day, twice a day, every moment of every day! Spend some time being grateful for the abundance that exists in your life right now.

So how do you practice? Well here are a few things that may help call you back to your grateful state when you slip into a “Whoa is me, my life’s not exactly how I want it right this minute, so therefore it sucks!” state of mind:

  • Set an “I’m grateful! I’m abundant!” alarm on your phone. Each hour at a specific time of day, set an alarm or calendar event. Take a second when it rings to get all pom poms up about the joy in your life today.
  • Roses and thorns.  Or better, thorns and then roses. Speak or write your challenges, followed by the good things that happened in your day. I bet the good will outnumber the bad.
  • Serve others. Give your time and energy to help others. Get out of your head and show up for someone else. Service is powerful.
  • Get still. Focus your quiet time on gratitude. What, who, where, are you grateful for? Sit with that and let it simmer.
  • Start celebrating what’s coming your way! Rejoice in this moment about the abundance you’re manifesting through focused action, service, and love.

The Abundance Gratitude Factor is about announcing to the Universe that wherever you are in life, you’re thankful for what you have and what’s to come. It’s about putting your Awesome Life approved stamp on the here and now.

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