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A Yogini Chef To-Be

“So you’re gonna do yoga while you cook???” commented a friend on my Facebook page after I announced that I’d been accepted into the Chef’s Training program at the Natural Gourmet Institute in New York. Yes, indeed! In August, I’ll begin yet another journey in my fabulous, happy roller coaster of a passion-filled life when I will officially become a yogini-chef-to be. Along with continuing my yoga teaching practice, running my workshops and retreats, blogging, and being phenom love and partner to Bruce Almighty (So he says!) and homework coordinator, meal preparer and get to school on-timer to Sasha, I’m going to culinary school. And, instead of being crazy concerned that I’ve lost my freaking mind to add anything else to my agenda, I’m thrilled!

As much as I like to think I’m a really good cook, there’s still so much to learn and so much more I’ll be able to offer to all of my family, friends, students, clients and community with further education and training. So get excited! This one is for you!

And so off to culinary school I go with yoga mat in tow. Stay tuned for updates (and recipes from my test kitchen) this summer!

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