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A Power Smoothie + 3 Great Ways To Start The Day

Morning! The other day I posted this pic of my favorite, power smoothie these days and broke the internet! Well, not really. Maybe there was just a sliver of a crack in the internet ;-). Anyhoo, folks were asking me for the recipe which I think is a little funny, because I think smoothies require no recipe. You just throw good stuff into a blender and drink it, right? Regardless, I’m happy to share AND as an added bonus, offer up my 3 Great Ways to Start the Day!

Tracye’s No Recipe Smoothie

Frozen blueberries
Frozen mangos
Frozen raspberries
Frozen strawberries
Avocado (I go with 1/2 but you could toss the shebang in if you want!)
Organic rolled oats (Save a few to sprinkle on top because it looks pretty.
Ground flaxseed
Fall flower/dark honey (Or whatever good honey you like…or skip it!)

Instructions: Blend. Pour into a great glass, OR if you’re lucky and have phenomenal artist friends like me, into a precious hand bowl like my new gift from Tina Chiu Designs (Check her out on Instragram @tinachiudesigns), & drink up!

3 Great Ways To Start The Day

1. Say “Thank You”…Out Loud! How awesome to see the light of day, right? To offer up these two words of gratitude can really put your head in the right place to appreciate another opportunity to live this life again – -bigger, better, and bolder – – on this new day.

2. Release “The hurry up, I’m going to be late!” panic attack. Ok, so this is one that I’m seriously working on now and in 2016. I’ve been known to hurry myself AND others along a tad bit. I read somewhere (and this is loosely translated) “To hurry is to be in competition with the rest of the world. Creativity is lost when we’re in a constant state of competition.”

So, as you wake, be mindful of how you move through your morning. Stay present & remember to breathe fully into the gift of each moment. You’ll get there. No worries.

3. Move & then be still. You always know that this one is coming from me, right? Get your practice on! Whether it’s yoga (Yes, please!), a morning run or walk, or bootcamp, get moving into this day’s body. And then, sit still. Close your eyes for 1, 2, 3 or 20 minutes (if time permits), and get centered so that you can come with the best YOU you’ve got for today!

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  • Great article! Thanks for sharing. I am predominantly vata with vata imbalances and was wondering why some concoctions were making me bloat. I mainly eat soups warm bean dishes, but also quite a bit of raw food desserts such as raw cheesecake, raw carrot cake energy balls to cut down sugar etc. These desserts are filled with grinded nuts, coconut oil dates. Will this also have a negative effect in a similar way? I would love for you to do an article on this, thanks

    • Thanks for your comment! Every body is different in our reactions to food so I couldn’t say how this would specifically impact you. I do, however, encourage you to continue to explore what makes YOU feel good.

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