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A Camel Pose for Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it’s my Cupid-like duty to offer up a yoga pose that will open your heart and allow you to soak up all of the love you deserve. Oh yeah, and allow you to give just as much away too!

Heart openers, especially during the cold winter season, help to lift you physically and mentally out of a funk and help you to find a bigger, fuller breath. They help to prepare you for all of the rockstar gifts the Universe wants to give you. And, they literally, help you to glow!

I kind of have this thing with Ustrasana or Camel Pose. We go way back to my very first yoga practice, years ago in a Bikram studio on Grand Avenue in Oakland, CA. Of all of the twenty-six poses in the sequence, Camel was THE only pose that, as I like to say politely, made me want to lose my cookies a.k.a. throw up! Not an encouraging sign, I thought, for a budding yogini. However, I came to learn just the opposite, as my (at the time) Type A “I will beat yoga!” ego sent me back for more of the dreaded Camel.

And, so I practiced. Never actually “losing my cookies.”

As my personal and teaching practice has grown, Camel Pose has been a part of the journey. As I look back now on that first day, I remember being a younger me with “Tracye’s Drama of the Heart” in full swing. You name it! There was the bad boyfriend breakup, a great job I no longer wanted, and the all too typical “family stuff”. My heart was a hot mess and Camel Pose was just what the yoga doctor ordered.

In order to let in, we’ve got to open ourselves up to LET GO! With Camel Pose, our heart is wide open, just letting all of the nonsense and stuff that no longer serves us out. And so we practice. Ready to receive. Ready to love and be loved.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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