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8 Ways To Celebrate Your Life Victories

I like a good party.

No, I love a good party. So, any chance I get to celebrate, whether by myself, with family, or my Rockstar Peeps, I’m on it! So, it’s just right that I would apply the party rule to my life’s goals and dreams and teach others to do the same.

Every chance we get to inhale, exhale, take some big ol’ action, and get a win qualifies for a ticket to the dance.

We should be celebrating everything from the little steps forward to the big leaps that catapult us into the life we’ve been Vision Boarding, Road Mapping, and living. Plus, getting your happy dance on in whatever way lights you up, keeps you motivated and energized to stay the course, works.

So, here are just 8 ways to honor your movement forward:

  1. Throw yourself a party. Well, you know this had to be first (I love a party!). Call it what you want, invite (or not) whomever you want, turn up the music and keep the good energy flowin’.
  2. Track it in a Victory Journal. Now, you don’t a need a formal journal. This could easily be on your phone or tablet or post it notes around the house or red lipstick on the mirror (That’s a bit creepy…but I do it!).
  3. Phone a Rockstar Peep or two. Set up a Victory call with one (or more) of the folks who support, constructively criticize, mentor, respect, and love you. Tell them about your success. They want to cheer you on!
  4. Take a trip. Hello wanderluster! To me, there’s no better way to stay open, inspired and invigorated than traveling. So, perhaps, BOOK NOW.
  5. Show some Victory love to your Vision Board. Glue stick alert! Update your Board with a victory stamp or mark. Sound corny? Whatever! It works.
  6. Get still. Be quiet. Be grateful. Gratitude is everything. I repeat. Gratitude is everything. Remember to give thanks.
  7. Help someone else. So, you’re winning. Time to give back. A great way to celebrate is to lift others. It’s like an ultra high. Believe me.
  8. Keep going. Be all about the celebration in the moment and then stay inspired. It’s easy to be lulled and attached to the present Victory, but the Universe holds so much more for you and for you to share. So, absolutely marvel at the gift of your Victory. Then, inhale and exhale, and keep creating, learning, evolving, and growing.

What are your favorite ways to celebrate? Talk back in the comments below!

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