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6 Ways To Light Up Your Vibe

If you haven’t figured this out yet…

The higher your vibe, the brighter your life.

Energy attracts energy. That’s how it works. And, in order to create and manifest the life that brings you and those you serve joy, abundance, and all things amaze, you’ve got to mind your vibration of the good stuff. But, how do you keep all of that positive, feel good, rockin’ action, sending it out to others, energy flowing? That’s the question, right?

I totally get that the day-to-day hustle of your busy lives with family, work, and all of it can sometimes run down the charge on your high vibe battery.  So, what are the best ways to reboot, revitalize, and raise your glow factor?

Rest. Yep! Sleep, siesta, slumber, nap, …take rest. I’m kicking this off with the number one way to kick up your vibe. You’ve heard the dire statistics on what sleep deprivation does to your mind, body, and yes, your soul. There’s no way to shine when you can’t see straight from exhaustion. Also, we don’t make good decisions, are kind of mean, and feel like hell. Low vibe. No vibe.

Space. Check your surroundings! What about your home, office, car, could use some brightening? Our physical space plays a big role in how we feel and our energy levels. Take some time to survey the physical landscape. Clear out the clutter. Slap on a coat of paint. Let in some light. Get a plant. Time to raise up the joint.

Tribe. You are the people you hang with. You are the energy of the people you hang with. Hang with high vibe people. That is all.

Move. Time to get your body in the game, whatever that game is for you. Just start. I hang with the yoga and outdoors anything in the sun type of movement. What is it or what’ll it be for you? If you’ve been wondering why you feel so crappy and everything around you seems to be blah blah, dark, and heavy, get moving. Walk, run, skate, skip, your energy into a higher realm. Consistent exercise, even just twenty minutes, has been shown to make a mad difference in your physical and mental energy. Just start.

Read & Listen. Yep! What’s on your self-improvement, self-help, inspirational, motivational, reading and podcast list? Don’t have one, you say? Get with it! What you feed your brain, nourishes it or diminishes it, therefore, dulling your vibe. I make it a point to listen to or read something uplifting for at least twenty minutes each day; preferably at the start of the day. Not sure what to go with? Check out my new book Breathe Big Live Big: A Starter Guide for Your Awesome Life.

Love. Oh, the power of L.O.V.E.! Start with you. Decide to fall more madly in love with you first. That means, taking care of your mind, body, and spirit. Show up fully gaga about you! Choose you first…then…recommit to loving and giving to others with all of that bright energy.

Be lifted!

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