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5 Ways To Restart Your Life!

It happens to all of us. One day you wake up and find yourself feeling stuck or headed right into an emotional, physical, meltdown of a brick wall (I call this a “Wall Slide”.) headfirst. Both of these – -not good. I know. I get it. Been there. Done that. Totally sucks!

Well, the good news is that this life, this fantastic journey we’re on together, is just a series of restarts. So, whenever you start feeling lifeless, dream-deprived, scared (Oh! That nasty little fear!) and stuck, as long as you’re still breathing, you get to hit the restart button. Your restart button could come in many different forms. But, I’ll give you my favorites:

  1. Get away! Some might call this “escaping”. Good! Because that’s exactly what it is! Get away! Leave it. Run from it. Walk from it. Find your way to another location, even if it’s across the street or around the corner. Take time and get some distance from your present life. Get some perspective while chilling out on the beaches of Fiji or a sleepover with your best friend next door.
  2. Get with your Rockstar Peeps. Phone a friend, but not just any friend. I hope you’re surrounding yourself with the boldest, brightest lights, whether they be family or friends. Get your cheer squad together and spend some pom poms up time with them a.s.a.p. This is emergency surgery!
  3. Get cozy with your goals and dreams again. Pull out that vision board you stuck in the office or closet, your mission or purpose statement, your business plan or roadmap. Set the party table and decide to celebrate what you’ve already accomplished in your life and all of the fabulously juicy greatness that’s to come.
  4. Get still and ask to be guided. Totally at a loss? Man, I totally get this! Well, it’s time to sit, breathe, and go to a higher power. Offer it up to the Universe and then speak your request. Say it out loud.”I’m stuck as buck! Lead me. Guide me. Show me the way. Thank you.”
  5. Create your “Attitude of Gratitude” campaign. Kick the “Whoa is me” to the curb by taking a long look at your life and speaking, writing, singing (Yes! I said it! Make up a song.) what, who, and where you are grateful for. Take a microscope from all of the smallest to most amazing things that are in your life right now. Get giddy about the abundance that’s in your life today.

More on restarting your life in my upcoming book Breathe Big. Live Big.: A Starter Guide To Your Awesome Life.

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