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Release The Force: 3 Ways and 1 Reason To Stop Trying To Make “It” Happen

I woke up this morning in a funk because spring has yet to, well, actually spring in New York. It’s cold. Or, maybe I’m just cold. It’s the California native blood in me possibly. That said, I immediately grabbed my phone to check the weather app hoping to see sunny days and 80º temps like, tomorrow. Not quite. And so I moped. Then, as I was longingly going through my closet touching every single sundress, I caught myself:

“It will come when it comes. Stop trying to make it happen. You couldn’t even if you tried. This is out of your control. It will happen at the right time. Release it.”

I use this morning’s quiet weather tantrum as a very small, and yes, silly example of how we can either passively, aggressively or passive aggressively try to make something happen that we desire e.g. 80º temps. Most often it’s bigger things in our lives – -relationships, weight loss, that windfall of cash, etc. We become so completely absorbed by “it” that it invades every second of our thoughts, leaving no room for anything or anyone else. It becomes our everything. And, we just know that the more we think about “it”, the more we work, the harder we push, the quicker we will get “it”.

Sometimes, we prove ourselves right. We get “it”. But, what or whom did we neglect or lose along the way? And, can we even keep “it”. Sometimes “it” doesn’t happen and we’re left exhausted, depressed, angry, or feeling guilty for not working hard enough.

I’m an absolute believer in showing up, steely-eyed focused, and taking big ol’ action every single day. That said, I’m also becoming a bigger fan of getting out the Universe’s way and letting it do it’s thing – -when it’s ready. You see:

Our taking action isn’t about trying to force anything. It’s about building a vision, setting a course, and using our rockstar superhero talents and energy to serve others to the best of our breath and ability. What happens outside of all of that is out of our hands.

Sometimes, actually all of time, we have to get out of the Universe’s way so that it can do the heavy lifting, remove perceived barriers, and drop a miracle right in our laps. And it does all of this without the massive migraines, obsessive check-ins, panic attacks and the fifty people you pissed off along the way to your victory or defeat. This sounds like a great deal, right?

If so, try these 3 Ways to “Release the Force”:

  • Sit down. Shut up. Be still. Sounds harsh, I know. But, this is how I have to talk to my ego self so it gets the point. But seriously, even just 5 minutes of stillness helps to, if not quiet, calm the wilding voice(s) in your head that are screaming “Go! Now! Faster! Harder!” Also, I happen to believe so many of our miracles, the answers, come in that quiet time.
  • Have some fun! For some of us, this may sound counterproductive. “What? Have fun when I can’t pay my mortgage? You’re insane lady!” Play, laughter, and good times by ourselves or with family and friends helps to not only release those good endorphins, but it also helps us to reconnect with who and what really matters in our lives.
  • Do something good for someone else. When we are in service to others, we are in a space of love. All good things are created from this space. Show up for someone else with your time, your money, your talents, and watch it come back to you.

Stay tuned for my upcoming book Breathe Big. Live Big. : “A Starter Guide For Your Awesome Life!” Summer 2017.

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