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3 Signs That You’re Going The Right Way

Two Paris t-shirts and a butterfly.

When I was debating heading to France a couple of months ago I asked for a sign. Yep! I sat down, got still, and asked the Universe. It went something kind of like this “I’m clueless right now. Please point me in the right direction. Thanks!” And then I went about my business of inspiring the world to live and share their boldest lives, on the lookout for that sign to press “Buy Now” on the ticket to Paris.

So, here’s what happened. On the first day, I officially wrote “France” on my Awesome Life Roadmap. Then, I called my friends in Paris and asked a zillion questions about what it’s like to live there. They told me how thrilled they were that I was thinking about it and offered me their home to stay until I found a place. Hmmm? This is looking good! Then, at the end of the day, I show up to a meeting with a client and he’s randomly wearing an Eiffel Tower t-shirt. Ok, I’ll take that too.

Next, I took a deeper dive and started to look at French language schools and places to live. I sent emails and even started the registration process for my classes. At the end of that day I headed back to our apartment to find my ex-fiance sitting at the dining room table wearing a, wait for it…Paris t-shirt. This, was getting good!

Finally, I started to actually tell family and friends I was moving to Paris (with no ticket in hand), doing my daily Duolingo lessons, and really getting my mind wrapped around a move to another country. I had a place to stay. I had just finished writing my book. I found a French language school and classes that worked with my schedule. My friends were geeked about me coming. This was great, right?

And, then I got freaked out, stopped breathing all super big and started to panic. So, off to the beach I went for some sun and ocean therapy. As I sat on the sand staring at the waves, the only thought in my mind was “What the hell am I doing thinking I can just up and go to Paris?” And, I kid you not, out of the blue, a butterfly landed on my towel in front of me. Ummm, ok Universe, I got it. And I pressed “Buy Now”.

Now, I’m an absolute believer in reading and rolling with the signs. But not just the two t-shirts and a butterfly types:

3 Signs That You’re Going The Right Way

  • Sign #1 People keep saying “Yes”. Have you ever noticed that when you’re up to something that’s really cool and feels good, how the right people seem to have your back and support you?
  • Sign #2 It feels easy. If you’re in your “flow” you’re definitely headed down the right path. And, you know you’re flowing when you can spend all day long (if you had it), dreaming, planning, and taking action on that goal.
  • Sign #3 You get excited. Then you get scared. The winning combination. This journey is all about imagining and acting on those really cool things that are outside of your comfort zone. And, outside of the zone is where little fear lives. So know that if you get scared, that’s a sign to revisit your life’s purpose, keep breathing, and keep going.

As we take this Awesome Life journey, we’ll come to many crossroads. We have the choice to take one of several directions. We get to choose one at a time. And, it’s not always easy and super clear for some of us on which way to go. So, I always ask for and look for signs. Now, that’s not to say that I always follow the signs. But, I definitely keep my eyes wide open and do my best to take the hint when all signs are pointing to “Yes!” And I hope you’ll do the same.

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