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3 Reasons Why I’m Thankful

today-i-am-thankfulHappy Thanksgiving!

It’s so easy during this time to spout off our traditional (and rightful) list of “Thanks”. You know, “the food”, “the family”, “the friends, “the being alive”, and all of those very important mentions. But, I’m daring you this Thanksgiving to get a bit real. Strip it down and get super thankful for some of the challenges, the hard stuff that REALLY grows us and opens us up to the life we deserve.

So I’ll start and I hope that you’ll take time to be still, think on it, and let the gratitude flow.

Here goes!

I’m thankful for:
<li><strong>My family</strong> – Ok, I know this one is supposed to be one of the super easies but I’m going somewhere with this, so stick with me. I could run off a million reasons why this one is on my list but I won’t. I’ll just say I’ve got big love for the two folks, Bruce Almighty &amp; The Teenager. I fell in love 5 years ago and happily signed up for my new family. And, it’s been super hard a lot of the time being partner, Dad’s Girlfriend/”bonus mom”, cook, housekeeper, healthy lifestyle ambassador, busy New Yorker, world traveler, yogini, best friend, entrepreneur…(insert song “I’m Every Woman” here) and, I have to be honest, a lot of the time I get it dead wrong + a million! But I keep showing up because I’m madly in love and it’s all so worth it! It’s hard, beautiful, make you wanna holla, and make you want to thank the heavens for your blessings, work. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thanks for sharing the journey with me Bruce &amp; Sasha!</li>
<li><strong>My fabulously sexy, maturing body and all of it’s new “fun” quirks and aches</strong> – Lately I can’t sit in cross-legged “Easy Pose”(Sukhasana). Nope! My hips aren’t having it. Last month, my right shoulder decided to take a vacation from the rest of my body. Fantastic! I’m getting REALLY in tune with what works and makes me feel at ease in my body and it’s growing my yoga practice in ways I haven’t experienced before. There’s this peace that comes from accepting that something has to change because I’m changing. It’s so cool. I mean, it’s super achy weird, but it’s cool nonetheless.</li>
<li><strong>Not starting Culinary School…just yet</strong> – Timing is everything. In August, I sat down with Bruce Almighty and we both came to the decision that it just wasn’t going to happen. Given everything that was going on in our lives, starting culinary school was just not in the cards. At first I was angry and then it turned to sadness for a couple of weeks. And then I woke up and remembered who I was and what mattered. “No”, “Not right now”, doesn’t mean “Never”. I am grateful that the Universe offers us these “Not yet’s” in our lives so that we can put our mental, spiritual, financial or whatever house it is in order to best do the work and receive all of the abundance that comes with “Now!”.</li>
What are you thankful for? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Let’s get the gratitude flowing!

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