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10 Ways To Keep Your Positive Energy Flowin’

“WHAT A DELIGHT meeting you! I absolutely love your spirit.”

I get totally geeked out about shining all of the light I have within me and leaving people feeling brighter, more confident, and superhero powerful than when we met. It’s my thing. It’s my purpose. And, I completely get that…

Positivity is contagious.

Really! Think about it. How hard is it not to smile, laugh, believe in yourself when you’re surrounded by others who are smiling, laughing, and believing in themselves? Hard. That good energy just feels too good and too fabulous to pass up. Plus, if you’re planning on rocking the Awesome Life of your dreams, you’re going to need a lot of it.

So here are a few ways to keep the good stuff flowin’:

  1. Hang around positive peeps. Jim Rohn said it best “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” That is all.
  2. Write your affirmations and goals daily. Put positivity to pen in your journal, a blank piece of paper, the back of your hand…whatever works! Oh and…
  3. Say them out loud. Speak big ol’ light into the Universe. Talk about a buzz!
  4. Decide to bring the party to the party. Make a conscious effort to show up on blaze! Be the person that lights up the room, in your own way. Bring the best of you to every meeting, coffee date, hug with your love, etc.
  5. Laugh. Some say people who laugh more are healthier. I’m good with that! Start laughing. Just start. See what happens. Spoiler Alert: You won’t be able to stop :-).
  6. Get still. Get quiet. Get Grateful. Want to vibrate on positive? Gratitude. Gratitude. Gratitude. And again…Gratitude.
  7. Run out and help somebody. Be of service to others. Get involved with your local charity, house of workshop, or start with family and friends.
  8. Get moving! So, my thing is yoga. What’s yours? Regular exercise helps to keep us feeling and looking good. Get at it!
  9. Get wanderlost. Get out of your day-to-day routine. Mix things up. Take a new route to work or anywhere. Buy a ticket and get excited about discovering someplace new. Ever notice how we get all excited right before a trip? Go. Get lost in a new space. Get lit up by the world.
  10. Do something that scares the crap out of you. There’s nothing better for a positive lift than “doing something scared” and rockin’ it. Drag little fear with you and take mad action on one of your goals today.

Originally posted on LinkedIn December, 19, 2017. Check out more from Tracye Warfield at and order her new book Breathe Big Live Big “A Starter Guide For Your Awesome Life!” today!

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