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6 Things To Know If You’re Reinventing Yourself

“But you’re so amazing at it! Why wouldn’t you just keep doing the thing you’re great at doing?”

I was having dinner with a friend the other night in New York and discussing my current professional and personal life reinvention in Paris. She was none too pleased that I had no plans of continuing to share my inspiration practice in the same way I had in the past years. “Why would you change a good thing? I mean it all seems like it’s just right for you.” she said. I responded with “Because a good thing changes and grows. That’s how it stays good.”

Are you in the middle of a personal or a professional reinvention?

Have you decided that it’s time to change and grow? Or, maybe you got a little or a big push from the Universe in the form of a layoff, divorce, etc.? Are your family and friends questioning the changes? Are you freaking out? Well, if so, take a deep breath. It’s all completely normal and may give you some clues about the new directions you’re taking or planning to take with your reinvention.

I fell in love with this quote recently:

That last line gets me every time!

“Let go of the idea that you must always be who you have always been.”

And so, I offer you these things to consider as you move towards your new you and your new life today:

  • You might be in shock at first. Then you’ll get jazzed. Change is an interesting thing. Regardless of how it comes, there’s always, in my opinion, some level of shock and awe at the onset. And then, at some point, we get in the game, and get revved to meet the goal or to see it through.
  • You’ll question your next move. You’re reinventing because you’re in a questioning state of what you want and don’t want in your life. And, you should keep questioning with a focus on your life’s mission or purpose.
  • Others may not understand and may not approve. Hear me now, oh magnificent one! This is your life. Design it and live it to the best of your ability so that you can serve others with all of your fabulousness. This reinvention is about you subscribing to the best you that you can be. What others think is none of your business. Show up with love and purpose. That’s it.
  • It will be uncomfortable or even super hard at times. I like to keep it real. This reinvention journey is not for meek of mind and heart. It can sting as you’re going through it. Truth.
  • …and then it will feel like “What was I waiting for?!”So just know that as tough as it may get at times, you are walking towards your most authentic self. You are becoming the person of your Awesome Life dreams.
  • You will surprise yourself. You are capable of and deserve more than you think. It’s amazing what we can do and offer when we decide to embrace change, show up like a rockstar and do that thing call “grow”.

Who’s up for a reinvention?

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