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Action Overthink: Break Free & Do Something (Anything!) Today

“Write a blog… about anything or something pertaining to the work you’d like to do or about life or shoes or anything. 3 paragraphs will do. Post. Go to WordPress or Wix or Squarespace and sign up for a website. They’re mostly free. Give it a name. Publish. Write about the hyped up, inspired, sassy lady who dared you to do something, anything, today…lol!…

Randomly hit submit on 5 jobs instead of researching 100 jobs that look interesting and doing nada…

Create that custom t-shirt design you’ve been talking about online…forget about the quality, etc. Just. Create. Then ship it to yourself…

This was my side (Ok! A bit of rant.) of a late night messaging back and forth with a genius friend the other day. In the past weeks, I’d been encouraging my friend to shift the gears from research mode to Awesome Action, right now, mode.

We all know what it’s like to get caught up in Action Overthink.

Action Overthink is where little fear, doubt, overwhelm, and “it’s not perfect, so I’ll just keep pondering it until it’s perfect”, hangout. It’s the do nothing space. And, many of us consider it the safe space. Because, if we don’t do it, we can’t mess up or fail. No one can see our warts. We also lose the opportunity to shine bright like a diamond, to share, to win, and to grow. Yeah, it’s the serve no one space too.

Breaking free is easier than you think.

How do you break free? Ummm, you take action. No, really. You take one action, just one, at a time. Even the smallest of actions counts. And, you take them everyday. And, you begin to notice how that action energy grows. And, you learn that those warts are lessons and opportunities. And, action leads to more actions and massive positive energy around your goals and dreams. And, the do nothing space becomes no longer attractive.

Here are a few of my favorite “Break Free” practices:

  • Start the day ready “To Thrive”. Instead of that “To Do” list, wake up and jot down 1-3 things that will move your life in the direction of your dreams. Write down one action step you will take TODAY for each. Note: Research is important sometimes. But notice how often your Awesome Action steps end up in research mode. What are you accomplishing? What is changing because of it? How does it make you feel?
  • Make time for action. Our days are filled with a lot. There’s work, family, a bit of social media nonsense, and life in general. It’s time to put a stamp on some of that time for you to do the things that you dream and to manifest your goals. Schedule it! I’m a morning person. I know that my most creative timeframe is between 6am-12pm. That’s my time to take action. What’s yours? How will you create space To Thrive?
  • Buddy up! Who’s the most action-oriented person you know? I’m talking about one or more of your Rockstar peeps who gets it done. I’m not talking about that person who multitasks a lot of randomness that doesn’t serve anyone. We all know that person who mindfully and consistently takes actions that are bold and forward moving. Give them a call. Send them a message. Get some tips. Ask for accountability coffee dates. Be in the energy of Awesome Action takers.

We can either think about or live this Awesome Life. It’s time to take action!

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Tracye Warfield is an inspiration expert and wellness industry leader who coaches people to rock their best lives via her motivational talks, workshops, international retreats, yoga classes, articles, blogs, books, and products. Although a native Californian, she called New York her second home for many years, and now travels the globe serving up her Breathe Big Live Big message to the world.

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  • Thanks Tracye.

    The first 2 things you listed are on my “To Thrive” list.
    Blogging which I may have been doing unknowingly and creating a Website.

    # you inspire

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