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3 (Bad) Reasons You’re Waiting To Take The Next Bold Step

I have smart and thoughtful friends. For this, I am grateful. So when a sister friend of over twenty years questioned my hesitancy to make a bold, next move in my in life, I listened.

“It sounds like that’s what you should do? What is it that’s holding you back? Why are you waiting?”

She had me at “Why are you waiting?” If you know me, my company, and one of my favorite mantras i.e. “What are you waiting for? Breathe Big. Live Big.” then you realize how hard that hit me. Then, almost immediately, my brain started scrambling for auto-pilot reasons why I couldn’t possibly do the thing I was thinking of doing. No way. No how. Not that thing!

Have you every been in a situation like this? Of course you have! We all have. It’s a part of everyday life. We either make the decision to go or not to go. We decide whether to take action or to be still. We get to choose. However, if you’re not paying attention, and forget that you are in control of your mind and your decisions, your mind jumps on the ferry back to “It’s Safe Right Here” land. And, you may just opt out of the brilliant life the Universe intends for you.

The Excuse Mind Game is so whack!

The interesting thing about the excuses that arise when it’s a “big” thing (so says the freaked out mind), is that they’re always the same…at least for me…and I’m sure not for you…no way…no how. And, if you look at all of them closely they all center around one main theme, which I’ll hold onto until we get to the nonsense. Here you go:

Excuse #1 – Bad Timing

You’ve heard yourself say it, I know. I’ve said it. I said it just yesterday. We believe that we always have other things going on in our lives that are so much more important or require every second of our attention, and we just can’t walk away from them because…ummmm. Right.

Excuse #2 – My Money Is Funny

I say this to, in no way, belittle the importance of being financially mindful and responsible. I am an advocate…most of the time. We always have to weigh the risks. And one of the risks involved might be the chance of losing you, your light, if you don’t act. Now that’s big. Plus, “I don’t have the money”, if we really look at it, is just way too easy of an out. Let’s get honest here. Because, often, we find the money to spend on things or activities we super duper really want to do most of the time. Why is this an issue now?

Excuse #3 – I Don’t Have A Clue How To …

Oh! This one! Fill in the blank a million times over, right? When my friend asked me the question, my mind started Googling all of the “How to’s”. And, of course, it went straight to the “Why you shouldn’t do” pages in my mind. Listen, we don’t know how to do, to take action on a lot of things in our lives. But, somehow we’re still walking upright. Interesting.

Now that you have my Top 3 Excuses, have you figured out the theme? It’s waving it’s raggedy flag right in front of our faces. Oh!

Hello, little fear.

I choose to give fear minimal power by referring to it often as “little”. That is, unless you’ve made a lion angry. And in that case, Fear gets a proper mention.

All of the ready excuses mentioned are, more than likely, based on the squeaks of little fear. And, if you can acknowledge that by showing up, eyes open, you can see it clearly and deal with it or walk with it appropriately. It also helps to have your friends, mentors, coaches, a.k.a Rockstar Peeps around to question your inaction and to offer guidance out of the mine field of “whack”.

So what’s your next bold step?


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Photo Credit: Dave Zinsman

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