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The #1 Way To Boost Your Vision & Belief In Your Dreams

SPOILER ALERT: This article is about Meditation. You’re welcome!

Name it. Claim it. Sit with it. It’s easy to sometimes find ourselves out of whack, feeling distracted or overwhelmed, and starting to believe that our dreams, our goals, just ain’t gonna happen. This is life as we know it. And, this is why if you’ve decided to start, or restart on a journey that ups your game and allows your light to shine brighter and more abundantly, it’s time to take a seat and get terrifically thrilled about getting still.

You see, the key to strengthening your belief and manifesting your vision is in the stillness. Wait, wait, wait! Before you drop this into the “yoga hookey pookey” box, stay with me for a minute. Besides all of the very strong data that basically says that meditation is like taking a magic pill for all that ails you, doesn’t it just make sense? I mean, how focused and faithful can you be if you’re stuck on buzz, ear phones screaming the latest ebook (Oh wait, that’s me!), or your “Kick Ass” playlist, and constantly running around like your hairs on fire? How can you feel, hear, see what’s, more than likely, right in front of you when you’re too busy doing everything.

The funny thing about meditation is that there’s absolutely nothing to do and, possibly, that’s the hardest part for some us? Perhaps, you’re still buying into the whole “work really hard, running around town doing this and that and you’ll win” frame of mind? Drop it. Meditation is about releasing the work for a bit. And, I don’t know about you, but I’m so happily good with that!

What I realized awhile ago was that if I was serious about this new Awesome Life path I was on, I had to sit my behind down, see the vision and let the answers, the “how”, come. Belief. I had to do nothing for a minute or twenty. Stop trying to figure things out and force the win. Belief. I had to put it on the table and let the Universe get all cozy with my purpose, vision-driven, doing my part now so you can do your part oh amaze balls Universe, energy. Belief.

One of my longtime friends can’t be bothered with “stillness and all of that sitting”. For years I would suggest that she give it a try. Then, one day it came to me. She didn’t want to sit because then she might actually, oh, I don’t know, get clear. She might actually see that all of her big life dreams were still available to her regardless of age, family commitments, and need “To Do’s”. Is this you? Seriously, think on it. Is your ego, doubt, little fear, and their band of cronies keeping you from taking a seat, dropping your mind’s load of bricks, breathing in some fresh superhero air, breathing out what’s dark and dismal, and getting filled with Awesome Life juice from the Universe? I’m just saying. Think on it. And, while you’re thinking…stop thinking. Take an easy seat. Envision the life you deserve and that serves. Release it the Universe to handle a.k.a. Believe. Close your eyes. Take a hand to your belly, and another to your heart. Just breathe. There’s nothing to do. Just be still.


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